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CNC operators

KTS People is your reliable partner in the field of rental of qualified CNC operators. Our team consists of experienced professionals who are proficient in CNC turning, milling, laser cutting, CAD design, CAM manufacturing and 3D printing. Our operators have worked as experts with machines from several well-known manufacturers, including HAAS, Fanuc, Haidenhain, Siemens, Mitsubishi and Rexroth equipment. KTS People offers a quick and efficient way to find qualified employees who can meet your needs. Whether it’s machine setup, production optimization or detailed design, our team is ready to offer solutions that will help your projects stand out.

We offer specialists with the following skills:

  • CNC lathe operators
  • CNC milling machine operators
  • CNC laser cutter operators
  • CAD (Computer aided design) design
  • CAM (Computer aided manufactoring)
  • 3D Printing

HAAS / Fanuc / Haidenhain / Siemens / Mitsubishi / Rexroth

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